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The Credit Restoration Process (3-Month Process) - Billing Cycle
Credit Repair Process Could Take As Long As 6 to 8 Months

Once you enroll in our service, you will receive a confirmation E-mail with instructions on what we will need to begin. Please call (904) 752-0766 with any questions or concerns. Our CustomerService E-Mail is

  • During the first round, TWM will also send out validation letters to consumer reporting agencies in order to seek validation of debt. These debts will consist of tradeline such as car repossessions, personal loan debt, as well as credit card and a variety of other debts. If the debts are not validated, then the debts will get removed from your credit report.

  • During the second round (if negative accounts are not removed in the first round), we will send physical debt validation letters to each of the collections agencies that are reporting on your credit. You will receive tracking information each time we send letters for you via certified mail. At this point, there is a 30 day period in which the agency will be required to reply. If the agency fails to respond within 30 days then the account WILL BE removed from your credit report.

  • During the third round, if the agency fails to provide proof of validation or can only provide a "bill" (which is what is sent in most cases), then we will send a letter of deletion to each of the 3 Credit Bureaus.

  • The fourth round is the last and final round where we must use debt negotiation or a pay-for-delete letter in order to remove an account that is badly impacting your credit.

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