The Wealth Management Team


Da’zjon Tinae

Da’zjon is the owner of Tinae’s Wealth Management who obtained a bachelor’s of Business Administration from St.Andrews University in 2016. Upon finishing undergrad, Da’zjon pursused higher education and received his MBA from St.Andrews University in 2017.
Since graduating from school, Da’zjon has gained a wide range of experience working for Fortune 500 company banks where he gained valuable experienced as a credit advisor, a business analyst, and Mortgage Servicer.
And just a little about Da’zjon, outside of the typical 9-5 work day, Da’zjon has wrote and published 6  books. Life, Finances, & Opportunity, The Essentials of Good Credit, and the Power of Investments. He is a big believer in financial freedom and he shows it by producing and developing a wide range of books (more to come soon).


Stanley Warren

Stanley Warren is a member of the United States Air Force where he serves as the Director and Manager of Tinae’s Wealth Management.

Stanley committed to Tinae's Wealth Management in 2019 and has served as a valuable member of the team. In 2020, he obtained his bachelor's degree in Marketing and is currently enrolled in a Masters Program.