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Financial Stability Runs in the Family


Marriage requires a lot of work and your finances make no exception. Money is oftentimes the reason behind many of any family’s problems regardless of your income. The truth is, no matter how much money people have, without proper care and budgeting, there will never be enough. So, what’s the key to a happy marriage where finances are not an issue?

The answer comes from Da'zjon Tinae, a business owner and MBA graduate who has learned the key aspects of a happy couple striving for financial freedom. What are the main aspects that you and your partner should be focusing on to obtain financial prosperity? You have already done the first right step by choosing to invest in financial education for yourself and your spouse! Throughout this book, you will discover easy ways to tackle financial problems that affect most couples so you can leave them in the past and enjoy life to its fullest.


Is financial management for couples really that easy? It sure can be!

This book aims at teaching couples of all ages basic budgeting techniques, how to surpass money problems, how to acquire and build on your income, and how to manage debt. You should also keep in mind that it’s never too early to plan for the retirement years and that insurance is vital in case of emergency. Luckily, author Da'zjon Tinae tackles all these issues and guides both partners on the road to financial stability.


A few things you will discover in the book:

  • Actual advice that you can put into practice from day 1
  • The truth about how debt and investment work
  • Accessible information on budgeting and common couple’s financial issues
  • Strategies to facilitate growth and financial development
  • The best options to build for a family

Get ready for prosperity and independence with this volume on Financial Management for Couples!

Financial Management for Couples

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