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Why Choose Tinae's Wealth Management for Credit Restoration?

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Credit Restoration


At Tinae's Wealth Management, we use a 3-step system in order to effectively dispute derogatory remarks on your credit report. Tinae's Wealth Management can assist clients with a number of items that hinder consumers from success. We dispute:​

  • Medical Bills, Phone Debt, and Cable bills

  • Car Repossessions

  • Evictions

  • Child Support

  • Student Loans

  • Credit Card Debt

Tinae's Wealth Management also offers a number of products and services provided by These products consist of:​

  • Personal Loans (even for those with bad credit)

  • Car Loans Up to $60,000

  • Unsecured and Secured Credit Cards

  • Credit Builder Accounts

  • Business Credit Accounts

  • Online Merchant Credit Up To $7500

The credit restoration professionals that we have at Tinae's Wealth Management work diligently with clients to ensure that they apply for the proper trade-lines. Our process takes an average of 6-8 months and our billing cycle ONLY LASTS 3 MONTHS ($100 per month - There will be a $125 registration fee in order to start the process). This means that you will not be continuously billed compared to what other companies are doing. We believe in saving our clients the extra money to ensure that the bills are paid and that their credit is restored.


For quicker access to view our trade-lines, click the link below!​

***Note: We are paid a commission for recommending products and services that are provided by CreditCardBroker.




The Benefits of Our Credit Restoration Service

Tinae's Wealth Management has a number of advantages that you do not see from your everyday credit restoration agency. 

1) Our credit restoration is split into 3 payments. It is not like traditional credit repair companies that have ongoing billing cycles. We definitely want to keep as much money as we can in your pockets! We are big believers in saving the consumer money and you can't do that if you're continuing to bill them.

2) We have professionals who specialize in credit and have a wide range of experience working in Banking, Insurance, and Consulting. We are not like ordinary agencies who are "call-center" based which can sometimes create conflict when agents are not as knowledgeable. EACH of our professionals are seasoned Subject Matter Experts.

3) We have 24 hour customer service available through our website support chat! We can respond to any questions or concerns via website at anytime. 

What Method Can You Use To Remove Collections from Your Credit Report?


Removing collections accounts from your credit report can sometimes become tedious and frustrating. The good news is that Tinae's Wealth Management is here to provide you with a few tips that can help get you started!

1) Create a debt validation letter and send it to the debt collector or creditor for further investigation. by using a debt validation letter.

2) Wait about 30 to 45 days for the agency or creditor to respond.

3) If the creditor or agency does not respond with proper validation then the account will be removed from your credit report upon you reaching out to the credit bureaus via certified mail. Be sure to include proof of documentation.

4) Be sure that you understand that a ledger with your name, address, and social security number attached with a balance IS NOT debt validation. Validation will include a document that you signed or some type of agreement made between you and the institution.

5) Never call the collection agency by phone. You will automatically validate the debt which will cause it to be harder to remove.

6) Always call your creditor prior to being late to take advantage of any programs and/or opportunities to prevent late fees and interest. This is an underrated gem that many people do not know about.

7) Courtesy late payment forgiveness is no longer an option. The only way to remove late payments is to prove that the creditor made an error.
















DIY credit repair

Have You Been Evicted? Been Charged for Damages? or Had A Vehicle Repossessed?

What Can You To Do To Remove Evictions and Car Repossessions?

Being evicted or having a car repossessed is never a good feeling. At Tinae's Wealth Management, we strive to assist our clients who have dealt with shady landlords, been evicted due to lack of income, or had cars repossessed due to a lack of resources. We have a solution that can help. 

You will follow the same debt validation process and send a validation letter to the agency.

A rule of thumb is to NEVER admit that you owe the debt.

You should never call the collection agency to inquire about a debt. This could unintentionally validate a debt. This means that your 7-year clock from the date in which the account would fall off of your credit report would be reset.

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