Career Mentorship, Certification Material & Linkedin-Resume Optimization

Elevate your professional presence online with an expertly-written LinkedIn and Resume. We also offer certification training materials such as Scrum Master (PSM 1), Product Owner (PSPO 1), Scrum Master Developer (PSD 1), Project Management (PMP), ITIL, Azure Fundamentals, Full Suite CompTIA course material and more! This is VALUED at $750+.

Do not allow the fear of "minimal" or "no experience" hold you back. Optimization is about using algorithms to your advantage to help you become noticed by recruiters and employers. Tinae's Wealth Management is great for you because we have a strong understanding of keywords, job titles, job descriptions, and industry needed skills. 

We have helped a number of people in banking, project management, healthcare, IT, Supply Chain, and retail land jobs. Our NEW career mentorship program is also available starting at $115. 

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Rates Start at $115

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14 million

job openings on LinkedIn in 2020.


of recruiters utilize LinkedIn to evaluate, communicate, and screen candidates online. 

120+ million

people received an interview through LinkedIn in 2020.


Optimized Resume and Career Counseling Advice

Enhance Your Professional Image

With more than 770 million LinkedIn members worldwide, the need for a profile that stands out is essential to your job-search success. We have helped hundreds of people improve their job search results by optimizing their resume and Linkedin profiles as well as providing day-to-day job consulting advice and recommendations. 

  • We will use optimized keywords to help you appear in more recruiters' searches.

  • A Linkedin profile tailored to your resume and job industry of choice.

  • Achievements and skills-based so your profile is top ranked for job opportunities.



Get real-time results via Linkedin, Indeed, and Career Builder

Working with our team of experts can help revamp your career and can provide you a competitive advantage.

Share your goals

We will work with you one-on-one to create a LinkedIn profile tailored to your career goals.

Match you with recruiters via Linkedin

We’ll pair you with a variety of recruiters who are seeking for candidates in your current field/industry. 

Career Advice

We will provide you with career advice needed to excel in your field by providing you with the best resources to secure that new job. Our company provides a wide range of learning resources from Project Management, Scrum Master, Product Owner, CompTia, and more.

Why Do People Struggle Job Searching?

There are a variety of reasons as to why people struggle during their job search. Truthfully, we believe that many people actually QUALIFY for jobs but DO NOT know the proper means on how to secure roles. The reasons that could be preventing you from securing a great job is potentially due to the following:

  • Not having an optimized resume: This means that your resume is poorly structured, lacks important keywords, or just does not catch the employer's attention. 

  • Not having an optimized Linkedin: Recruiters are looking for candidates online. The big issue for many people is that individuals actually have Linkedin profiles; they're just not active on the platform so it leads to missed opportunities and sometimes, not giving yourself a chance. 

  • Not applying to 10 to 15 jobs per day. This could be easily done through Linkedin. Their "Easy Apply" feature makes it easy for you to apply for roles within seconds. 

  • Not considering relocation or remote roles within the "network". The network is the location of the candidate. A lot of times, employers require that candidates live in a certain area in order to be eligible for specific remote roles. 

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