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Can You Remove Student Loans from Your Credit Report?

By Da'zjon Tinae, MBA

Posted at 12:34AM

We have heard a number of things in regards to the proper way to dispute and/or remove student loans. The truth is, you cannot truly remove student loans.

Student loans can only be removed from your credit report under a few circumstances.

1) They were forgiven due to working in a designated field and fulfilling all of the requirements.

2) You are disabled and cannot work. This means that you do not have the physical and/or mental capabilities to work.

3) You are deceased (unfortunately).

Now, what should you do if your student loans are in collections status and you need assistance with a more affordable payment? Let me tell you. You are supposed to call your student loan service provider. This can be Great Lakes, Navient, FedLoan Servicing, and more. A lot of times, those who attended college become afraid of the consequences of not paying back student loans to the point where avoiding the creditor becomes an issue. NEVER avoid them. ALWAYS reach out when you need help.

The student loan service provider will work with you to make things right. They can even remove late payments (i've helped many do it).

I have heard a number of gurus state that they can remove student loans but the truth is, it is not possible unless it is a special circumstance.

For assistance with student loans, please book us for a consultation and we can assist. Below is a video that can help you throughout the process. Thank you!

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